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Skype in the classroom

During class tonight, we watched exemplar videos of how a teacher can incorporate Skype within his or her classroom. In one of the examples, there was a teacher that would Skype a student who had cancer in the classroom so she would have the opportunity to take part in class lessons and discussions. This student would Skype her fellow students every day so she could take part in what was happening in school from the comfort of her own home. Cancer is such a debilitating disease, yet this student was able to travel to art class, gym class, English class, and so on.  Technology has become such a huge part of our society, and even though parents may have their opinions of how hurtful the internet can be, this is a huge advantage that seems impossible. This child has been given a second chance to see her friends, experience what her peers are experiencing, given a feeling that she is not missing out on her everyday life, and making strides with people she feels the closest to. It is amazing the advancements that have been through technology and how young children are implementing technology in their lives each and every day. Once I saw this movie clip example in class tonight, I knew this is what a can passionately write a blog about because I felt a great sense of pride and admiration for this teacher. I went home and watched the full video. It was amazing to see how this teacher incorporating technology into the classroom and how well the students responded to it. This teacher seems like an amazing and courageous individual who is not afraid to take chances in the classroom to benefit the good of the students. I wonder if there are teachers who would have implemented Skype into his or her classroom to benefit this child, or if they would have taken the easy road and just filled the child in on assignments she missed.