A Whole New Meaning of PowerPoint

I don’t think I have ever heard of the term PowerPoint poisoning before this class. I have sat through some boring presentations before, and I believe I am guilty of giving some boring presentations. I hope I never give another presentation the way in which I have been giving them for years. During class this week, we explored the different things that PowerPoint has to offer. There are so many things that a person can do with PowerPoint that I never knew how to do before. In class, we learned how easy it was to place an image on the screen that when you clicked on it, it would take you to another page. I found this extremely helpful when trying to go back to the home page. I always found that when I give a PowerPoint presentation, I want to go back in the presentation, but do not feel like flipping through all of the slides. This is an efficient use of time and a creative way to set up your presentation. I also really liked how we placed a certain page to a certain part of an image. This would be helpful as a teacher. Throughout the class, I was so excited to use something like this in a science lesson. For example, I would love doing this type of thing with PowerPoint when teaching about parts of the body. I could place a different slide to each part of the body, and when you click on the part of the body, it brings you to a new slide! I am excited to construct a PowerPoint with my partner and I am eager to try all of the new techniques we have learned in class!


4 thoughts on “A Whole New Meaning of PowerPoint

  1. Seriously, what we were shown in class this week is gold! This is the type of technology we should have been getting from the get go! hahaha. Do you have any ideas for your powerpoint yet? I was so excited after class because I had all these awesome ideas of how I could use these new tools in my classroom! Starting Monday!

  2. Glad you see potential here! While you will be working on “teacher-created” projects, I must say that the biggest learning potential here is when teachers allow their STUDENTS to make interesting things – and in this case, with PowerPoint (or similar software). We all learn through creating, and given the right purpose and parameters, students could learn a great deal through crating something interesting, interactive, and media-rich. It allows them to use their voice (recording), their creativity, and produce something they see as relevant. As a teacher, you could set up a “learning day” (or afternoon) in the computer lab/classroom and students could rotate, exploring all the projects of their peers created around a theme.

    For now, this is YOUR chance to see what is possible and think about how to use multimedia and interactivity in purposeful ways. It all takes practice, but what doesn’t ;-)?

    • I agree that having the students create the PowerPoint is a useful tool. But what about middle and high school students who may only meet for 40 minutes a day per class. By the time the students got to the computer lab and logged on to the computers and opened their saved file, they would only have 30 minutes at best to work on it. So now this activity is taking even longer than expected and a unit that was only supposed to take a week is now going to take 2 weeks and it puts the teacher behind in the curriculum and then they have to play this game of catch up to have the students ready for state testing. ugh. This is the rant that goes through my head when we discuss having the students work on projects like these. I always bring it back to the point that unless our state exams change, and the amount of material learned in a course changes, taking this much time out of working through math problems (or whatever the content) is just not possible. Not to say that technology as a whole can not be used in the classroom.

  3. I hear you… and although this is your particular situation, it’s also important to note that your context is not everyone’s context. Some are on block schedules that give them much more than 40 minutes. Others have 1:1 computer implementations and others have mobile carts of computers [COWS – Computers On Wheels] that can be brought into the context of the classroom. So, although you may have more logistical and contextual hurdles to battle, others may have far fewer. So, we all have to do what’s feasible in our own unique settings, I suppose… yet always aim for better rather than settling for “the way things are”.

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