Smartening Up with the Smart Board

This week for the first portion of class we worked on the Smart Board. I enjoyed being in a small group because everyone was able to touch and play with the features that the Smart Board had to offer. I have had some experiences with the Smart Board from my student teaching placements, so it was a great opportunity to utilize some of my strengths and show the group the things that I know how to do. Also it was amazing to see all of things the Smart Board could do that I never knew before. The people in my group collaborated together and helped one another when talking about lesson plans and things you could do with your students. It is nice to think that one day when I have a teaching job, that there might be teachers that help me in the same way and we will collaborate together to benefit our students!


One thought on “Smartening Up with the Smart Board

  1. Yes… and as we enter the Web 2.0 segment of this course, don’t forget to consider all of the people and support that can be accessed virtually, 24/7. As helpful as our face-to-face colleagues can be (if we’re fortunate to have a few good working relationships in our building), there is potentially a limitless wealth of colleagues to be had by way of new virtual social learning spaces and services.

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