Archive | March 2012

Skype has never been so cool!

In class this week, I thought it was so cool using Skype with people who have had such experience using Web 2.0, twitter, and Facebook within their classrooms. This gave me new insight and ideas for my future teaching that I have not realized before this point. I never knew twitter and Facebook could be used in such innovative ways within lesson plans for students. To be completely honest, I thought it would feel awkward or strange to talk to someone you have never met in person, but I felt quite comfortable and at ease with this use of technology once we got started. I learned so much from this experience in class and hope to do this again sometime because this way of teaching truly catered to my learning style!!


Technology integrated with ELL

When I chose the topic of how technology is used within an ELL classroom, I never thought it would be so helpful with my future! My graduate program here at Nazareth is TESOL, Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages. I am taking courses that teach ESOL and strategies used to teach children of other languages, but I feel that writing this paper has been the most useful of all. I have found so many useful sources, ideas to use within my classroom, and ways that technology is used within an ELL classroom. The sources that I chose have been so useful and have given so much insight to the way in which technology not only is integrated into the curriculum, but can be a necessity to our everyday teaching. Although writing papers can be tedious and strenuous, I feel as though this paper will be beneficial to my future teaching and is worth while for my program!!!

Smartening Up with the Smart Board

This week for the first portion of class we worked on the Smart Board. I enjoyed being in a small group because everyone was able to touch and play with the features that the Smart Board had to offer. I have had some experiences with the Smart Board from my student teaching placements, so it was a great opportunity to utilize some of my strengths and show the group the things that I know how to do. Also it was amazing to see all of things the Smart Board could do that I never knew before. The people in my group collaborated together and helped one another when talking about lesson plans and things you could do with your students. It is nice to think that one day when I have a teaching job, that there might be teachers that help me in the same way and we will collaborate together to benefit our students!

Your answer is only a click away… or is it?

In class this week, we talked about internet safety for our students. The internet carries so much information that can be very useful for our students, but then there is also a lot of information that could be potentially harmful, or false as we saw in class. There have been so many times where I have typed something into Google, and it has brought me to a site that is far from where I wanted to be, or the information is obviously not valid. We have to think as teachers and know that when our students look up information on the internet, they do not have the same filter that we do and cannot detect when information is true or false. We cannot blame them at times for finding information that is far from their topic. I know for myself that when I look up something on the internet, even the news, I click on side notes or related articles on the page that take me far from where I originally intended to be. We need to make sure that our students are kept safe and can be prevented from this type of thing happening. It is hard to know what is right from wrong and I think the activity we did in class helped us to see this through the eyes of student. You have to look up the information within the site to see if it is what you are looking for. This is a hard task, but we can teach our students the correct way to do this…after all, that is what we are there for!!