Inspired by Kidspiration!

During class this week, we discovered new software to use with our students to enhance our lesson plans. These types of programs can be done within any content area in school, with various ages of students, and create an environment that is interactive and engaging for the students. I learned about Kidspiration in my undergraduate work, but I did not use it in such ways that we have with this class. I feel, as a teacher, I use graphic organizers frequently. I have had students in the past make graphic organizers in their notebooks. Although this has enhanced their learning and helped to gather their thoughts, I feel that if Kidspiration was used, their attention and focus would be far greater with this program. I love that the program is brightly colored and user- friendly. I sometimes feel that some programs are easy for a teacher to use, but when the students try to use it, they get lost and bogged down. I agree with Dr. Ransom when he said that these programs assist our teaching, but they will not be something that you will use every day with every lesson. We want to keep this program intriguing for the students, and overuse will only cause exhaustion! I appreciated learning about these programs and cannot wait to use them in my future teaching.


4 thoughts on “Inspired by Kidspiration!

  1. I think you’re right that this tool (or any tool) would not be used every day with every lesson. To me, I think it’s helpful to not look at it as a tool that will get old, but rather as a learning strategy that is essential. We don’t worry that students will get bored of the pencil… What they get tired of is the same old dull tasks. I think this is largely true of of most learning tools, don’t you think?

    • Yes I think that this is what we, as the teachers, have to worry about this concept all the time in school. We need to come up with ways to keep the tool engaging for the students by creating more strategies that they are attracted to. I enjoyed that you said the students will not see the tool itself getting old, rather the strategies that you choose to use the tool for. If we keep coming up with new lessons, activities, and learning strategies for the students to use this tool, it will not become old or dull because we keep fostering it as time as goes on! Thank you for your insight and you opened my eyes to look at this in a different way!

  2. Great! Yes, I think that’s really it… Students respond to the learning opportunities we plan for and with them. The tools that are used should be rather invisible when the learning itself is attractive and engaging. I also think in today’s digital economy where we do have so much choice in the tools that we use… that our students (when ready) should also have the same choices. Sometimes we mandate the tools that they must use to accomplish tasks because it is just easier for us. But, as access to digital tools and devices increase, so should choice of tools when appropriate. A good colleague of mine, Chris Lehmann, principal of Science Leadership Academy, magnet school in Philadelphia, is often quoted as saying “Technology should be like oxygen; ubiquitous, necessary, and invisible.” We need to stop talking about it like it is something “special” and treat it like it is normal.. the way it is outside of school.

    I think you might enjoy his TED talk here:

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