Google Docs….Where have you been all my life?

During class this week, I was so fascinated and intrigued by this new service of Google Docs. Apparently this is not such a new concept, but for me it certainly was! Before I took this class, I have never heard of Google Docs and did not know what types of enemities it had to offer. On Tuesday night, although the instruction on how to use Google Docs was short, especially for someone that is not technologically savvy, I have learned so much about it and cannot wait until I have the opportunity to use it. Throughout the lesson on Tuesday night, I kept thinking about all of the times in which Google Docs could have been extremely useful and a lot less time consuming. Last year I was a long-term substitute teacher for ESOL students and there were so many instances where I made quizzes and tests myself in a word document. The ultilization of Google Docs in the test forms section would have been so useful. I spent so much time making lesson plans that were geared towards collaboration and all of the lesson plans that can be created on Google Docs could have been easily accessed. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to see all of the things that Google Docs has to offer and I am eager to use it in my future for teaching and personal use!


2 thoughts on “Google Docs….Where have you been all my life?

  1. The best thing you can do now is to begin using it for your own purposes and exploring more of its feature set. Your own personal experience with it will give you more comfort with it and in turn will allow you to think more creatively of how it can serve your goals, both for yourself professionally as well as for your students.

    There is an incredible amount of support content online related to GoogleDocs, so never hesitate just to “google” your questions. You’ll be surprised as to just how much helpful information and curriculum-related ideas are out there.

  2. Angela,

    I had the same realization after class last week. Google Docs could have saved me so much time and frustration the past few years! I am currently teaching a partner for a class how to use the service so we can work more efficiently on an upcoming project. We have such busy schedules and are not able to meet very often so Google Docs is become quite the life saver!

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